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At Georgernes Verft in Bergen stands what was once Norway's largest sardine factory. This has been transformed into the country's most multifaceted cultural center - USF Verftet, the cultural house. USF is short for United Sardine Factories. On a 12.000 square meter floor, art and culture is created, organised and expressed in various forms and genres. About 300 people spend their days working at USF Verftet - fine artists, musicians, actors, writers, dancers, craftsmen, filmmakers, architects and people working with design and multimedia.

The Council of Bergen and Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF offers a residency to professional, foreign artists, writers, directors, dancers, musicians, stage performerers and composers. The residencies for fine artists and crafts artists are open only to non-Nordic citizens. Artists from the other art fields may be citizens of one of the Nordic countries, except Norway.

Through Artist in Residence we wish to inspire increased contact between artists in Bergen/Norway and artists from other countries.

The offer consist of a 3 months residency at USF Verftet in a rent free studio and additional accommodation. However, living costs, travel, materials, insurance and transport costs must be covered by the artist.

Artists who wish to apply may submit their cv, portfolios, and other supporting documents before 1st of May 2004. Artists also need to submit a clear, concise proposal of works to be developed during the residency.

More information about Artist in Residence at our web site:, look at Artist in Residence. Information in English about USF

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USF Verftet / Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF, Georgernes verft 12, NO-5011
Bergen, Norway
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